Corporate Highlights


ROSSETI holds the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, resolving to pay dividends for 1Q2016, including dividends on ordinary shares for the first time.


Expert RA upgrades the procurement rating of the ROSSETI Group to RKZ 9.


ROSSETI places bonds totaling 10 billion rubles to Vnesheconombank at the lowest coupon rate in the corporate debt market in 2016 (9.15% p.a.).

Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak is elected as the Chairman of the Company's Board of Directors.


The Moscow Exchange recognizes ROSSETI's annual report as one of the best disclosures of corporate governance.

ROSSETI obtains registration for its open-ended program of exchange-traded bonds totaling 100 billion rubles, with the maximum term to maturity of each issue under the program being 30 years.


The uniform Anti-Corruption Policy of ROSSETI and Subsidiaries and Dependent Companies of ROSSETI is updated. As instructed by the Board of Directors of ROSSETI, the Company and all of its subsidiaries approve the Program of Anti-Corruption Measures for 2017.

ROSSETI ROSSETI is ranked among the top three government-linked companies in the national ranking of procurement transparency.

The Company is rated 7++ in the corporate rating "Developed practice of corporate governance."

ROSSETI begins the placement of an additional share issue.